Everyone and their assistant has heard of quality assurance. It’s that (conceptually) simple process through which your company ensures its output is of a correct and suitable standard. The problem is, simple as it may be, because there is often a lot of cooks to any one broth, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of assuming it’ll be taken care of somewhere along the line. I mean, they’re all capable people, right?

Right! Of course they are, they’re your team, but when it’s something as important as quality assurance, which, when overlooked, can be the difference between industry recognition or a top post on /r/funny, you’ve got to make a conscious, concerted effort.

Now, the practice of QA comes in many varying degrees of complexity, typically scaling proportionately to the product or service it’s evaluating, but it never ceases to be an imperative step for any company, large or small, and nothing demonstrates this better than instances where it’s seemingly forgotten, as is the case in the following examples:

QA Examples

We need not critique each individual case as their mistakes are glaring, but in all three, such an unfortunate outcome would have been easy to avoid with just a bit of discussion and review at each stage of production. QA has to be an ongoing effort because issues can be introduced at any juncture: as each of the relevant departments does their respective bit, things can be overlooked and mistakes can be made, so it’s important to evaluate at each milestone.

Here at Pixel, if we don’t pay attention to things like the assets we use in our designs or the mobile performance of our sites, we run the risk of misrepresenting or even damaging ourselves or our clients. In order to prevent this from happening, we try to get every department to keep an eye on projects as they progress, before and after their portion is complete. With this approach, we can minimise errors before they happen and correct others as they appear.
Ultimately, quality assurance is more than checking your work, it’s about upholding your values as a company and earning your place amongst your competitors. Without it, well, you’re just stunting your growth.

What We Think

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