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Global businesses trust e:command with their eCommerce operations

We have spent well over a decade building designs, alterations and integrations for some of the biggest companies and brands in the world, and that experience allows us to perform the same service to companies of any size.

We work with multinationals, sole traders, and start-ups. We have designed, built and marketed everything from start-up online stores, B2C ordering platforms, to multi-million-pound eCommerce websites for B2B markets, and that’s the way we like it. It keeps us fresh and energised; we get a huge kick from helping companies achieve their potential regardless of size or scale, that is why we come to work in the morning,

We love what we do and strive to ensure every project is beautifully designed, perfectly functional and deadly efficient.

We aim to give every client exactly what they’re looking for – and at the right price. Our design, development & e-commerce services offer better value than any others we know – and we’d welcome you putting us to the test!

If you’d like our help with your website, design or marketing, we’ll give you a quotation up front and a fully transparent breakdown of costs.

We have integrated our eCommerce platform with a wide variety of enterprise applications. Applications that are designed to be robust and scalable across an organization.

From frontend software such as content management, marketing systems and CRM’s. To warehouse management, ERP’s, delivery systems. Integrated payments and email delivery and data management for reporting and improved back-office efficiency. We have done it all and more… there are no limitations as to what we can integrate with. It needs to scale, it needs to have support to keep your systems progressing along with your business and users.

It is hard to share our passion for eCommerce through a website, give us a call to realise your requirements,

We’re one of Europe’s Top eCommerce companies – so you don’t need to be.

Integrity. Professionalism. Delivery.

Our values are key to who we are. Clients find these shining through everything we do, from daily interactions with them, to the look and functionality of their eCommerce solutions. The outcome? That we do what we promise our clients and make them money.

Why do we appeal to multinationals and small start-ups alike? Simple. We always work on a one-to-one relationship, whether that sits inside a large corporate or a tight-knit team. We strive to meet the unique needs of each and every client. That includes understanding both the person and the context within which they work. Whether the remit is to translate a local, in-person service, or combine the complex strands of multiple stakeholder priorities, our job is to get the full picture. Successfully translating this into a digital presence is then relatively straightforward, as we already have the blueprint.

Our senior team

Chris Painter


All hail our founder! Chris started the company 15 years ago, and now though he’s too modest to admit it, he has one of the most successful agencies in the country.

If you want to know his specialism it’s everything, plain and simple. Straight talking, no nonsense and a real nice guy, when he’s not formulating new strategies and exploring new opportunities for us he’s found trying to change the world with blockchain.

Sahil Gupta

Executive DIrector

Entrepreneur is a term used too often nowadays, but if you want to know what a real one looks like – here he is.

Always thinking, always looking, Sahil is a force of nature, he has grown businesses across Manufacturing, Security, Telecoms and IT and continues to grow them… At last count his businesses had over 5,000 employees. A passionate advocate, investor and fan of e:command he has a pedigree to be proud of and a handshake that can crack walnuts. You have been warned!

Colin Craig

Operations Director

If Colin was in a Batman movie, he’d be affectionately known as The Fixer.

With a mountain of experience in digital marketing, having built and sold several successful businesses, Colin gets things sorted. He’s a programmer by training and an entrepreneur by trade, so combines the perfect mix of technical prowess with getting things done. Always results-focused, Colin’s vast expertise in all aspects of digital marketing, organisational efficiency and team management means that you won’t need to stress – The Fixer will get your website looking great and functioning even better.

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