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How your CS Cart Developer can turn your sales platform into a sweet shop

Multivendor models, such as Amazon, Ebay or Etsy, can clearly offer enormous opportunities for growth. The good news is, this model has become tangible for smaller businesses. Here’s how.
Creating your own multivendor site needs skill, not least because you have a more complex model with effectively two sets of customers. There’s much to consider strategically; the breadth of vendors you include, what functional and aesthetic characteristics are most important to them and their end customer base and fee structures, to name but a few. However, the decision as to which platform for your multivendor e-commerce site may be one of the simpler and more rewarding decisions with which you’re faced. CS Cart is an innovative and exciting offering that has opened up big player opportunity to SME multivendor market operators with its incredible versatility and sophisticated functionality. Plus, it doesn’t cost the earth. What exactly is it that CS Cart brings that will inspire your third party vendor community and set them and you up for strong profitability? Let’s take a closer look at some of the functionality that CS Cart brings you as the multivendor platform of choice. There’s a lot to take in, but your CS Cart developer will, of course, run you through everything in detail.

CS Cart has opened up big player opportunity to SME

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Cs Cart brings the tools to make the multivendor tangible for SME’
Cs Cart has
  • both B2B and B2C multivendor options.
  • multiple payment methods (over 50 choices).
  • shipping rates that are fed real time from the best couriers
  • a content management system that can process up to 100, 000 SKU’s, including processing for returns, that are being simultaneously shopped      by multiple customers
  • the ability to retain top speeds while at full capacity activity
  • the ability to manage special events, like promotions and discounts. Digital marketing campaigns, such as social media events or email       marketing, can be incorporated
  • an automated payment systems from vendors
  • support functions for the end customers via the integration of call centre accessibility
  • PCI compliance


For the end customer, shopping on a CS Cart platform is a delight. This is due both to the design elements, as well as its cross-browser compatibility. Furthermore, since 73% of global ecommerce is now via mobile (Statistica,Key Figures Of E-Commerce, October 2021), CS Cart offers the high level mobile responsiveness that any professional vendor would require these days.

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Choosing the right CS Cart developer is the icing on the cake

Having discovered the extensive opportunities that CS Cart can offer, how do you go about maximising this investment? Choosing the right CS Cart Developer is how to put your new platform into sport mode; leveraging the power of the platform to really get it working best for your needs. Let’s not beat about the bush; under its shiny exterior, the system is complex and needs the development skills of professional specialists in the field.

‘How do we at ECommand stay ahead of the competition in the CS Cart Developer market? Ironically, it’s our people skills that enable us to offer a best-in-class solution’
Why are we at ECommand stay ahead of our competition in the CS Cart Developer market? Ironically, it’s our people skills that enable us to offer a best-in-class solution for your multivendor platform needs. As a marketer, you know that understanding your client is key to almost everything. The same applies here. Our philosophy is to prioritise getting to know you and your specific needs. Only once we know where we’re trying to get you, do we then implement our specialist technical knowledge to build you the perfect platform to take you to your profitability goals. Whether this means spending a little extra on fee structure add-ons, or focusing on design elements, we have the technical know-how to turn your needs into reality. Implementing CS Cart as your platform is simple and quick. Once we know what you need, we can offer you this as a one-off license fee agreement. We’ll be there for the journey. We’ll get you to where you could only dream of being. Call us now on +44 (0)20 8191 7597
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