gameroo is a new social marketplace focused on gamers, their passions and interests.

Our Client

Gameroo is a one-stop service for buying and selling pre-owned console games. The new startup from Dragon’s Den record-breaker Ben Hardyment.

Our Approach

With a track record of success, e:command were the perfect partner to create the solution Gameroo required. Our reputation is built on our experience in delivering hundreds of custom-built websites for our clients across almost every sector. Our attention to detail, and our ability to create solutions for even the most complex client requirements.

Our Solution & Results

The design for a social gaming network is crucial and as such the first thing we addressed with this. We very pleased with it. Once this was done then we started considering the specific functionality and platform more. We developed this using CS Cart and also wrote a large number of specific modules for the platform.
The result was a social marketplace focused on gamers, their passions and interests.

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