Restaurant Box

Restaurant Box

Restaurant Box

Bringing the Restaurant Box Concept to Life With An Engaging Online Experience

Restaurant Box showcases exceptional at home restaurant experiences from some of the UK’s best restaurants and chefs. Customers can browse by cuisine, location, skill level, occasion, or time commitment, to find the perfect Restaurant Box. Signature dishes can be re-created in customer’s kitchens, with live cook-along instructions and all the hints and tips needed to bring the at-home restaurant experience to life.

When the Restaurant Box Team contacted us, they needed a website capable of meeting a complex set of requirements that could bring together top restaurants and chefs to provide made-to-order experiences for it’s customers.

Our reputation for developing amazing custom-built websites for our clients endured we were the first choice for Restaurant Box when they needed help building a bespoke platform capable of delivering a complex set of requirements. They needed a solution which could aggregate data from potentially hundreds of restaurants, showcasing their profiles and recipes and allowing customers to order and purchase from each one. The website needed to be able to handle payments and integrate with customised delivery schedules to ensure food could be prepared and delivered in a timely manner that fitted with each individual restaurant’s operations. The Restaurant Box team were also keen to build a social network amongst members with similar interests and that required the ability to connect as a group and collaborate with top chefs via virtual platforms such as Zoom etc.

Working closely with the client’s senior team we spent time learning about their business and exploring their vision. Investing time at the start of the project really helps us bring the client’s vision to life.

Following our initial meeting we mapped out the user journey and started to design the user experience (UX) for the website. Using the latest technologies, we created all the functionalities required to deliver seamless integration with external platforms which would deliver payment solutions and Zoom connectivity.

As we built the platform, we built in flexibility that would allow the client to test functionality and propose changes while ensuring that these were integrated in a way that would have no impact on the overall operational performance or functionality of the website.

We have delivered on our promise of an engaging and easy to use platform that delivers our client’s vision. We completed the work quickly, allowing Restaurant Box to gain first mover advantage in a new space and this has helped the firm achieve good revenue growth.

The website is easy for customers to navigate with a logical and straightforward user journey which gives great exposure to the top chefs and restaurants who are featured on the site. This will, over time, help create more partnership opportunities. Website navigation is fast and responsive, and the site uses a high-resolution design that works effectively across desktop, mobile and tablet applications. This has helped to increase customer acquisition, engagement, and conversion.

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