Unique and personalised gift ideas for all occasions from businesses based across Ireland

The Shuppy site creates a ecommerce marketplace, making it easier for visitors to find the perfect gift for a friend or a family member. When you shop at Shuppy you are supporting Independent Irish retainers who have put together the best of Irish products, in many cases these products are handmade designs from across Ireland.

The products on offer cater for all occasions, be in a special Birthday, a New-born Baby, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps a New Home, a Christening, Communion or Confirmation Gift, maybe an Engagement, Wedding or Anniversary present, or a Christmas gift – our gifting list goes on!

With a track record of success, e:command were the perfect partner to create the solution Shuppy required. Our reputation is built on our experience in delivering hundreds of custom-built websites for our clients across almost every sector. Our attention to detail, and our ability to create solutions for even the most complex client requirements.

We begin each project by spending time with our client, gathering all of their requirements, exploring if what they had envisioned hope is possible, whilst agreeing objectives and timelines. For this project it was critical that we all had a shared vision for the customer journey. Once we had agreed a plan, we got to work.

First, we did the workflow of how the whole system would work. This included considering the flow of information from Shuppy’s perspective and then the flow for their vendors.

After the workflows were complete, we then concentrated on the design of the site so that it had a good user experience and was attractive to customers as well as being usable.

The we concentrated on the main part of the project, adding CS Cart and functionality. This was achieved by creating a fully functional, multi-vendor platform, which would allow each independent vendor to sell their products through a single multivendor site. Each user has access to a flexible product approval system and an advanced secure payment system.

A specific functional point worth mentioning is our checkout development which allows buyers to seamlessly make payment either with their payment cards, trade credits or a combination of both.

Upon completion of the initial works, we worked collaboratively with Shuppy to fully test the system to ensure it was flawless.

We have created a completely unique platform, which is designed to meet Shuppys bespoke requirements. The customer is now well on the way to having a site that offers personalised gifts from right across Ireland.

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