Search Engine Optimisation

is the process of improving the visibility of your website in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (organic) search results.

No matter what size your business is it’s worth considering the effect of our search-engine optimisation (SEO) expertise on your web traffic – and its potential conversion into web-led revenues through sales, advertising and referrals.

While SEO isn’t an exact science, and high search engine placement is a moving target, it’s demonstrably worthwhile pursuing high visibility on the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Did you know 78% of users abandon their search if the first few pages don’t provide an answer to their question? 28% don’t even consider scrolling past the second page of results. That’s why we’ve developed our eCommerce software to offer a search engine friendly environment using a tableless layout, customizable META tags, search engine friendly URLs and Google sitemaps. These details contribute to the proper indexing of your website, and improve its ranking among the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing. If SEO works for websites with revenues of thousands of pounds per week, we believe it’s worth applying to every website.

So, whether you’re looking for
a simple webpage, a web presence with bespoke functionality, a full eCommerce solution, or an optimal integration of all our digital design, development and
marketing expertise.
e:command is here to help you make the most of your business on the web.

Paid Search

With years of paid search (PPC) experience working with a range of clients from local retailers to large budget national advertisers we are well placed to help with your requirements.

We will be happy to help

Whether you need a campaign built from scratch or your existing campaign refined

We utilize a round circle approach to campaign management starting with a thorough audit of your account to fully understand where your conversions come from and the mindset of the consumers coming through each aspect of your PPC campaign.

This enables us to refine and optimize your campaign for maximum efficiency and get the best out of each aspect of your campaign – ads, keywords and landing pages.

With conversion optimisation experts in house we will often pull together tailored landing pages for our clients in order to extract the bit of extra performance out of each campaign.

Social Media

The fast evolution of social networking has revolutionised the way we communicate online, both as individuals and as businesses, and has added a new dimension to your possibilities for effective, low-cost marketing.

However, it isn’t every kind of business that can benefit from all the social media options available.

Running a blog in tandem with a Twitter feed. Maintaining a Facebook page and your LinkedIn profile. Updating Reddit. Then there’s Instagram. Pinterest… and, clearly, a point is soon reached where your time might be better spent attending to your core business.

Before dipping your toe in the water of social media marketing, it pays first to be aware of the way the media function and their various codes of etiquette – for example, when to retweet or Direct Message, who to follow and what not to like.

Allow us to explain the features and potential benefits these sites may hold for you – and together we can formulate an optimal strategy taking into account the suitability of your potential content, your available time, budget and opportunity costs.

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