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Build Your Online Stores with Shopify Marketplace

eCommerce has completely transformed the online business universe. With more and more businesses wanting to have an eCommerce website that will help them boost their profits and revenue, choosing the right platform to build an eCommerce store thus becomes prudent. You need to choose a platform with the perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics. Thus, enter Spotify Marketplace! 

Create your own world-class marketplace using Shopify’s simple and powerful platform. Find all you need for your marketplace, including shopfronts and design templates, documentation, product and third-party vendor management systems and much more. Tailor your site to enable it to stand out from the crowd and enhance your profits.

Skyrocket Your Sales With Our Shopify Solutions

We think your products and services deserve to be seen by your target audience! If you think the same, why not connect with us today and let us help you create a Spotify store that you have always wanted. Don’t worry; Spotify is a hassle-free platform. 

Why Choose Us?

Being an eCommerce specialist for more than a decade, we know in and out about Spotify and its offerings. We can help you choose the best one for you that will unlock your growth. Spotify provides you with strong-built features, and yes, it is easy to use. The basic platform offers easy installation and uses, robust security and mobile responsiveness. 

With our extensive experience and skills, both technical and design, we can tailor the platform to magnify your strengths and make your site competitive to stay one step ahead of your competitors. No matter what eCommerce store you want to build, rest assured we are there for you. We have the expertise to work on a raw gem and transform it into a diamond. 

Create a Shopify Marketplace

We think your products and services deserve to be seen by your target audience! If you think the same, why not connect with us today and let us help you create a Spotify store that you have always wanted. Don’t worry; Spotify is a hassle-free platform. 

Create a Shopify Marketplace

Working with us brings in a wealth of experience. We can create a stunning Shopify Marketplace for third-party vendor brands. We build sites that reflect appealing customer journeys right from start to finish. The eCommerce website that we will build will be attractive and engaging, robust and flexible, allowing third-party vendors to offer their customers high-quality shopping and user experience. 

Market your Shopify Marketplace

Having a great Shopify site is only effective when potential customers can find it. We offer a range of marketing strategies to enhance all aspects of optimisation and user experience, from SEO and PPC to increasing conversions and ongoing analysis of what’s working and what’s not. We are happy to help set your overall marketing strategy and put together the most cost-effective individual strategy to reach these targets. 

Transfer to a Shopify Marketplace from Existing Site

Already have an eCommerce site? Just let us know, and we will transfer it to a Shopify marketplace seamlessly. We are here for you and work for you. We can help transfer the already existing eCommerce website, cover the extra work and ensure that it all goes smoothly. We’re sure you’ll be glad you chose the Shopify marketplace. 

Create a Shopify Marketplace App

With mobile users accounting for almost 75% of all eCommerce sales, Ecommand offers an app-building service to ensure that you don’t miss out on this vital component of your marketplace. With a wide selection of apps to choose from, we can help you decide where to focus your efforts, such as shipping and accounting to label printing and third-party vendor management systems. Let us build a Shopify marketplace app that will increase your profits. 

Get Bespoke Support from Ecommand 

We understand that there will be some questions that you will want answers to, and we are here for you. Tell us what you need our help with, and don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you want. We have a dedicated team who is always willing to solve queries. Whether you have questions regarding the Shopify website or the Shopify marketplace app, we can help you with both. 


We are here to help you accelerate your growth!

  • Match your venture with the right platform from our comparative analysis.
  • Extensive Shopify Marketplace expertise, both technically and aesthetically.
  • Benefit from the platform’s flexibility and ease of use being tailored around your strengths.

All set to build the best Shopify website?

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