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With the human population so reliant on the internet these days for just about everything from banking and e-commerce to reviews and social interactions, it is no wonder that we worry about our privacy. Although we have become so


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We work with some of the biggest brands in the world to craft memorable digital experiences.

e:command has been able to help thousands of different businesses to reach their potential markets – to spread the word loud and clear about what they do, how well they do it, and all at surprisingly competitive prices. We work with multinationals, sole traders and start-ups, we’ve designed, built & marketed everything from deadly efficient landing pages to booking systems, b2b ordering platforms & multi-million pound e-commerce websites. Design, Development, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing are our passions, and we’re one of Europe’s Top E-Commerce developers – so you don’t need to be.


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The heart of our eCommerce skill set

eCommand excels at eCommerce builds, whether B2B, B2C, ordering platforms or multivendor, we’ve done it all.Find out all you need to know about our skills.

However, we are much, much more than eCommerce developers, online marketing only begins with the site. With over a decade of experience in eCommerce & digital marketing, we can help you select, design and develop the right package for your online presence. We work with a huge range of clients, from the worlds biggest soft drinks brand through to micro businesses. From global couriers to local start ups, and that’s the way we like it. It keeps us fresh and energised, we get a huge kick from helping companies achieve their potential regardless of size or scale, that’s why we come to work in the morning, and why we live and breathe your company just as much as you do.

eCommerce core services

– b2c eCommerce
– b2b eCommerce / Ordering platforms
– Multivendor Commerce / Marketplaces
– Enterprise eCommerce
– eCommerce strategy – eCommerce development
– Conversion Rate Optimisation
– Managed eCommerce

eCommerce design
– UX research and conceptualisation
– Information architecture (IA)
– User interface design (UI)
– Interaction design (IxD)

eCommerce marketing
– Digital marketing
– Paid search
– Social Media

I had real website problems with my CS Cart site until miraculously I found eCommand who knew exactly what I was asking for; spoke in a language that was human; and had actual recommendations that fit my budget and did not take years to develop. After working with eCommand and learning from their knowledge of the platform, I had the confidence to then give Pixel further areas of remit: that being SEO, develop Home of Artisans email templates, work on improving user journey contact points for makers and run the social media content creation, management and moderation. I have no doubt eCommand will continue to deliver great work for clients, continue to grow and continue to have the flexibility and agility to work with clients of any size: enterprise to start-up. I absolutely recommend this business.
Belinda Hall
Managing Director
Chris and his team have shown a great attention to detail and have done their upmost to gain a deeper understanding of the project beyond the original brief outlined. They have also liaised and worked with our stock control IT technicians to achieve the main goal of integrating both systems; for us as a client this is very reassuring. Throughout the project we have had various meetings with Chris and his team and found them to be very technically informative but in layman’s terms so not to baffle anyone without the same level of knowledge. They have also shown a lot of enthusiasm and have made suggestions to improve the project further, the project was complete within budget and to deadline and we are extremely happy with the end result. We will be continuing to use eCommand for further work in the near future.
Craig Kelly
Marketing Manager - Whibleys
We've used e:command for over 5 years on a wide range of website projects for our creative agency and our own group of companies. We have always found working with them very easy (unlike many developers that we have worked with) and their technical knowledge is at a very high standard. e:Commands pricing is fair and I would certainly recommend their services (and I continue to do so).
Richard Salmon
MD - Fishfinger

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