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Comprehensive Support, Development, and Optimisation at Unbeatable Rates

Comprehensive e-commerce Support, Development, and Optimisation at Unbeatable Rates

In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, your online store requires continual attention and growth. That’s where E:Command Memberships come in. Our retainer services are designed to offer unparalleled support, optimisation, and growth for your e-commerce store, all within a cost-effective and data-driven strategy tailored to your unique requirements.

Enjoy Unbeatable Rates:

One of the many benefits of our retainer services is that they allow us to efficiently manage and predict our workload. This results in substantial cost savings for us, which we’re eager to pass onto you, our valued clients. This way, we can provide our top-tier e-commerce services at unbeatable rates, giving you the best value for your investment.


Monthly E-Commerce Support Services:

Your monthly retainer provides you with access to an expert team of developers, designers, and growth strategists. No matter the size or nature of your business, our services can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We offer flexible hours that can be allocated across development, design, technical support, and strategic consultancy, all aimed at supporting and enhancing your store’s growth month after month.

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Monthly e-commerce Support

whats Included?

When we say ‘all-inclusive,’ we mean it. The e:Command Retainer is designed to be your all-encompassing partner in e-commerce, eliminating the need for multiple vendors or disconnected services. With our retainer, you get access to a diverse range of services all under one roof, delivering comprehensive, seamless, and synergized support to boost the growth and optimization of your online store.

Our ‘all-inclusive’ approach ensures that every facet of your ecommerce operation, from design and development to optimization and strategic growth, is woven together cohesively, creating a strong foundation for sustainable success. This integrated method allows for greater consistency, efficient communication, and streamlined workflow, fostering a truly cohesive ecommerce ecosystem. With an e:Command Retainer, you’ll experience the ultimate in convenience and efficiency, enjoying the unbeatable advantage of having an entire team of ecommerce experts devoted to realizing your vision and propelling your store to new heights.

Our retainer includes access to our accredited CS-Cart developers who are ready to roll out top-tier features for your online store. From bespoke features and app integrations to bug fixes and improvements, our development team has got you covered.

Distinguish yourself from the competition with the help of our expert web designers. Our designs not only encapsulate your brand identity but also emphasise conversions and growth. Your retainer gives you exclusive access to our dedicated design team.

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) services are designed to boost all key performance indicators of your online store. From web design and development to technical support and long-term strategic consultancy, our aim is to guide more of your visitors towards making a purchase.

We understand the trials of running an ecommerce store, which is why we’re always ready to assist you via email with any questions or issues.  We offer priority support and immediate developer assistance for any urgent issues.

If you’re seeking a strategic partner to help grow your ecommerce business, you’re in the right place. We work relentlessly to improve your conversion rates through design enhancements, feature development, and auditing, all while providing steadfast day-to-day support. e:Command Memberships present the ultimate package of long-term support and optimisation for your Cs-cart store.


Ideal for startups
£ 64 per hour
  • 10 hours minimum / month
  • Technical Support


Best for Small business
£ 59 per hour
  • 20 Hours minimum / month
  • Technical Support


Our Most Popular
£ 54 per hour
  • 40 hours minimum / month
  • Technical Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Support


Contact us
£ tbc per hour
  • 50 hours minimum / month
  • Technical Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Strategy Meetings

Other services

what can we do for you?

e-Commerce Design & Build

From multinationals to start-ups, we collaborate with all. We're experts in crafting robust B2B platforms, dynamic B2C websites, efficient internal ordering systems, and more. Your business type and size doesn't restrict our commitment to excellence.

E-Commerce Marketing

We've empowered countless businesses to connect with their target audiences, amplifying their unique offerings and exceptional services. With our expertise in SEO, PPC, and social media marketing, we optimise the online visibility of E-Commerce platforms.

Specialist Services

Whether it's data migration, replatforming, data management, API creation, utilization, or complex integrations, we thrive where other agencies falter. Our seasoned developers not only relish a challenge but also bring to the table a wealth of prior experience, having navigated these terrains successfully time and again.

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